Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caught Up!

Okay, with this post, I'm caught up. I hope.

Mike's cousin, Jackie, had a big birthday recently, so we celebrated in style out at a hall in Huntington. I spent the night taking pictures of my kids, niece, and nephew as is normally the case. I was thrilled to finally get full-face pictures of both my niece and my nephew (since they've been able to move, my pictures have been mostly of the backs of their heads or at best, profile).

Kiwi and I spent most of the evening hiding in the bridal suite, looking for TV, and washing our hands in the bathroom. How much fun is it to be a kid?


Alex and Kiwi on the dance floor

Will shakes his maracas in style

Bray, between table-jumping moments


Stacey said...

looks like fun!

Linda said...

I love her name!

Roe said...

That's actually her nickname, her real name is Keira. But we've been calling her Kiwi since her mommy knew she was a girl!