Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've been enjoying the Sci-Fi and Fantasy podcast for a few months now. Listening to Anthony and Scott/Bill talk about various movies have really reminded me of some great movies that I haven't seen in ages. I just listened to an episode where they talked about The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, for instance, which really got my brain working; especially thinking about the great Ray Harryhausen movies I used to watch with my dad on Channel 9 when I was little. Jason and the Argonauts was standard Sunday afternoon viewing fare whenever it was on. I remember going to see Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger at the old Colony movie theatre in Jackson Heights. Annie, Sandy and I played Clash of the Titans when we took a break from playing Star Wars.
The guys on the podcast have talked about other movies I loved, like Something Wicked This Way Comes - I mean, holy cow! Is that on DVD? I need to get that! (PS - yes, it is; I just checked Amazon.) There's an episode on Tron, they've discussed the Planet of the Apes movies - classics as well as Tim Burton's revisit with Mark Wahlberg, they've covered Twilight Zone: The Movie (Do you want to see something really scary?), and even March of the Wooden Soldiers.
Great movies, intertwined with so many great memories. I think it's time to sit Will and Alex down and turn on the DVD player. I hope they grow to love these movies like I have, and I hope I can give them the good memories like my mom and dad gave me. We have started working our way through Raiders of the Lost Ark, so we'll see... I just wish watching movies at home didn't become ADD-theatre these days.

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