Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So It Begins...

I began blocking one of the super-secret gifties last night. Yes, I am actually going to finish projects that I started, aren't you excited for me? Pictures to come after Saturday, when the projects are no longer super-secret.

So I blocked the first, laid it out and this morning I was thrilled to see that it actually worked! It looks like a real piece of knitwork rather than a congealed ball of yarn. Tonight, I block super-secret piece number two and start seaming up super-secret piece number one. Yes, I know - blocking and seaming. Me. See? Anyone can be redeemed.

Picked up Mike's birthday gift from Will the other day; and since Mike doesn't read my blog, I can tell you that it is a wickedly cool Cylon tee shirt. Alex has requested that I buy Mike a Spider-Man action figure because "they are COOOOL!" And both have insisted that I must wrap their gifts in Spongebob wrapping paper. Perhaps with a My Pretty Pony card, which gets Alex giggling wickedly.


P said...

Hahahaha. The card is great!

Lauren said...

Hehe, now I'm imagining cylon ponies. Must go to You Tube and watch Apocalypse Ponies again.