Friday, January 11, 2008


Monster? What are you talking about, the train is coming and I can't find my Metrocard!

Let's discuss. Who's psyched for Cloverfield? Have you been playing the little creepy online games? Debating whether the monster is Godzilla, Cthulhu or Voltron? C'mon - you know you have. I'll admit to visiting the Slusho website. I even hit Ethan Haas Was Right early on. I am such a sucker for viral marketing. Man, J.J. Abrams needs to understand I have work to do, though, ya know?
I want a Cthulhu movie. I need a Cthulhu movie. Okay, maybe Mike needs a Cthulhu movie more than I do, but I really do want one. And Abrams would be the guy to pull it off, methinks. But I don't think it's a Cthulhu movie. I swear to GOD, if it's another Godzilla movie after the great Matthew Broderick debacle, I will go insane and stab myself with a double-pointed needle. So I'm left just waiting with a fairly open mind and a lot of anticipation.
IESB has a few stills posted, but don't think you're getting any spoilers. C'mon - JJ Abrams still has us getting up in arms over what the movie is even about; you think you're getting answers at this point?


Stacey said...

ha ha ha... Metrocard...

P said...

what games? i need to check that out right now!