Monday, February 11, 2008

Sesame Live!

Yup, I went. Alex took me, with my mother chaperoning, to Sesame Live this past weekend at the WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden (old fogies like myself remember when it was the Felt Forum and wrestling tickets were a helluva lot cheaper!). Alex had a blast; it was his first live showand watching his face light up the second Big Bird wandered out onto the stage was worth the price of admission for me. When SuperGrover took a flying leap onto his face, the kid almost wet himself. What can I say? He's got his mother's love of the slapstick.

Speaking of the most awesome Muppet ever created by Jim Henson, this Sesame plotline was SuperGrover's search for his superness. That's right friends, SuperGrover. It was all about SuperGrover. My most favorite-est of the old skool gang. Between copious Grover, Oscar taking over Elmo's World, and Bert doing a live rendition of the classic "Doing the Pigeon", I daresay I enjoyed the show a smidgeon more than even Alex.

Thanks, Sesame Street, for letting me relive my childhood for just a little while. I think a couple of hundred parents will agree.

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