Wednesday, February 13, 2008

True Story

So I've recently reconnected with several of my friends from childhood, which has been great. And, as such, I've raided my old photo albums for cringe- and giggle-worthy pictures of the lot of us to scan and forward to said friends.

I let Will look through the photo albums and after he was done sniggering over '70s fashion (I went to a public high school for Kindergarten), he stopped at my third grade class picture. "Who's that?" he asked, pointing at one particularly tall boy on the top row. It was my first crush, the boy I decided I was going to marry, the Luke to my Leia (Empire hadn't come out yet; I didn't know they were brother and sister - now bugger off). There was a heart drawn around his head in oh-so-girly purple pen - the reason for Will's noticing.

"That was my first crush," I told him. That little bugger laughed at me!! "Oh, MOOOOM," he said.

"What? I was in in third grade!"

"Mom, I'm in third grade, and I wouldn't do that!"

"You're a boy, girls do things like that!"

"Not the girls in my class!" Har, har, har, Will... I'm sure, in 30 years, someone will have a sweetly drawn heart around your picture, too. Just wait and see.

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