Thursday, February 14, 2008

So Karen and I had an e-mail discussion about knitting cat toys and knitting toys for her nephew, which led me to the Lion Brand website in search of one particular knitted bunny I made for my niece a couple of years ago. And then I found THIS:

Who says Chanukah fun has to be just for humans? This simple dreidl toy will have your cat spinning!

I swear to you, I did NOT write that caption. That was on the site for all to see. So I said, What next? Knitted cat yarmulkes, complete with little holes to poke their ears through? Perhaps a mini Miter for the Catholic cats?
And I was off. And you know how that gets.
I can see it now. My first knitting book deal: Knitted Religious Items for Your Pets...
Regale your pets in the finest Catholic finery with our Pope Gypsy, the first Catholic, Feline, Female to sit on the Holy See, with our 100% acrylic miter and little Pope Hook-Thingie. (I'm very technical.) Don't forget your Felted Stole - you can't say Mass without one! Feel free to switch up the little pictures on the stole by felting up your own grapes, Chalices, Haloes and crazy Latin phrases!

Catholicism not your style? Then try our Hebrew Tallit, in luxurious acrylic white with blue fringe, and learn how to felt your very own Star of Scooter (one of Karen's cats). Felt your own Yarmulkes, but make sure to complete those yarnovers, or poor kitty will have nowhere to stick their little ears!
Hey, God has a sense of humor, right? Witness the platypus. Or the head of the country. He's just toying with us; He'll get a good laugh out of this. Right? Right?


Stacey said...

that's hilarious!

Naomi said...

at the risk of guffaws, may i say that knit book idea has legs? really, publishers seem desparate to find another angle.

your notion might put off the truly religious--and then there's the p.c. cat gaggle.

found you at ravely nyc subway knitters. glad karen has support for that growing group. my name there is aLittleRedHen, we have a Condom Amulet group.

yours, naomi