Monday, February 11, 2008

Spring, Spring, Where Are Thou, Spring?

I know, it's almost mid-February and here I am, whining about Spring. Especially since we've had a relatively minor winter thus far. Well, feh to that. I'm tired of Winter. I am tired of days ending at 4 in the afternoon. The past two weeks, seeing the sun still peeking out when I emerge from the train station back at home at 5:40 is a huge boost to my poor winter-addled brain.

I would like one big blizzard before spring arrives, though - we could really use a snow day, like back in the old days.

Waking up this morning to see NY1 tell me that it was 11 degrees out - 3, if you factor in the wind chill - made me want to pile another afghan on the bed and go back to sleep. I felt like I had to shake rigor mortis from my limbs to get out of bed and wake the poor kids up for school. We all moved like slugs, not wanting to deal with the bitter wind. I layered those poor boys up so much, the kid from A Christmas Story probably would have pitied them. But we were warm.

We had a fun weekend, which I'll post about when I pull pics off the camera later, because pictures need to be shared. Alex went to his first live show and Will got to have bugs crawl on him (kind of). All will be revealed.

Knitting? I've been knitting like crazy. I am continuing on the cabled scarf KAL for my Yarn Thing group on Ravelry. Somehow, some of the stitches on one end got buggered up for a row or two, but I will be damned if I rip it back and screw up the whole thing, necessitating yet one more frogging. I'm forging ahead.

I've also started the Easy Aran Sock pattern again - and I dropped a freaking stitch on the train this morning. I'll see about rescuing it later, but I swear those heel stitches are so tight, the dropped one has nowhere to go anyway. I will learn how to knit socks!!

On deck - another Super Secret Project, a Skull Hat for Will, some warm socks for the boys if I can ever figure out how to make socks, and gauntlets for Alex, who wants Will's Sweeney Todd gauntlets.

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