Saturday, October 22, 2005

Augh... knitting issues...

Elizabeth's birthday is today, and I still haven't finished that blanket. Need yarn for it. Grrr. But I do have a fun purple scarf I knitted out of funky Boa yarn, so I'll give her that. I also got this Knifty Knitter knitting loom for her, which she should like. It's a pack of four different sized looms with spokes - it's kind of like spool knitting, actually - and she can wind the yarn around it, and use a special hook to pull the yarn over the spokes and knit that way. She's only 9 and she's high-functioning autistic, so I think this will be excellent physical therapy for her without the stress of not being able to get in sync with actual knitting yet (it took me 2 weeks just to learn how to cast on, and let's not talk about the knitting needles I bent in frustration along the way).

I still have to get back on track with that sweater that got all bizarre on me. I have to hunt down my old knitting guru's e-mail address and ask her.

Maybe I should just go back to knitting potholders... :-)

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Stacey said...

potholders... bah... don't give up!