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Definition - when you no longer converse with your friends via telephone, human contact, or even e-mail, but through posting on each other's blogs. ;-)

Linda is in a snit over Gilmore Girls, and Stacey has joined in. Alas, I can do naught but stare dumbly at the computer screen. I have to wait until the new season of 24 starts before I go apopleptic. My poor husband and friends are all too familiar with my ranting and raving as those damned digital numbers flash at the end of every episode, leaving me hanging yet again.

But Stacey brought up a really good point (Stacey, pardon me while I paraphrase): we really relate to what we see played out on the screen and the older we get, the more life experience we gain, the more we end up relating to these different characters and their situations.

So in the spirit of the above statement, here are the top 5 shows/episodes that caused the biggest emotional reactions (moved me either to tears, laughter, insanity, or both):

1) Six Feet Under - All Alone
I've blogged about this one already. Nate's funeral episode on Six Feet Under left me an emotional wreck. Anything that involves mothers and children, especially sons, is going to destroy me to begin with, but this episode was just brutal. Ruth washing her dead son's head, taking care around the scars, just lost me. I stared at my sleeping kids for a long time that night.

2) 24 - Season 2, 5 - 6 p.m.
Holy crap, when Marie shoots Reza and I realized that this sweet little All-American girl is the one aiding the terrorists, and those damned digital numbers came up at me, Mike thought I was going to have premature labor. I lost my mind.

3) Sex & The City - The Post-It Always Sticks Twice
The episode before ended with Berger breaking up with Carrie on a Post-It note. "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me." This is the aftermath, and it's damned funny. The dialogue between Carrie and Berger's friends at the club, Bed, is a must-see for any woman who's ever been single and dissed. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cringe with recognition.

4) Sex & The City - An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)
Come on - it's got everything all wrapped up. Everyone wins here, and it just feels nice. And you find out Big's name!

5) Battlestar Galactica (the new one), Kobol's Last Gleaming
First off - I am all about old school BSG. I have the Cylon head original series box set and my original Moffet the Daggit action figure. I have the books Richard Hatch co-wrote with Christopher Golden. But here, I am talking about the new series, which Mike finally browbeat me into watching - and I instantly became hooked. The season one finale has Sharon (the new Boomer - apologies to Herb Jefferson Jr.!) firing her weapon into Adama falling onto a console and bleeding all over it and Apollo (Lee Adama) crying out, "Someone get a doctor. Get Doc Cottle! Oh, dad..." Fade to black. Begin Rosemary's screaming fit.

TIE: Six Feet Under - The Room/The Trip
In The Room, A widower takes up residence in the Fisher funeral home to make sure his wife's funeral is done right. At the end, he is discovered still next to her casket, and he's gone. He died right next to her.

The Trip - the 'corpse of the week' this time is a baby who dies of SIDS. David is trying to comfort the parents during their intake and says that a funeral is a good way of helping the family say goodbye. The baby's mother says, "I don't want to say goodbye - he just got here." When I could finally collect myself enough to stand, I poked both my sleeping kids just to make sure. A lot.

Those are the ones that come to mind first, but I'd love to hear yours. Post 'em!


Linda Sheridan said...

Re: Bloggersations

"Sex and The City in Paris (Part Deux) and SFU's "All Alone" episodes make my list, too!

You know when "Sex" was first out, I wasn't all that into it, I guess because I couldn't relate. Then, as the show got older, the characters evolved, and I got into it more. And I've always loved Big (saw him once at a Starbucks in the Village!) so I was as breathless as Carrie when she saw him walk into the hotel. Plus I love Paris, we went there three years ago, and I'm dying to go back!

The other beautiful part of the show was how Miranda was caring for Steve's mom, bathing her after she'd been wandering the streets. At the end of the day, family comes first. And when Charlotte's husband showed her the photo of the baby they were going to adopt, her response was Emmy winning as far as I'm concerned!

Six Feet Under-I agree, when Nate's mom cleansed his body, I was sobbing on the couch. No parent should ever have to bury their child, I just can't even begin to fathom having to do something like that. I don't remember the episode's name, but the time Nate secretly swapped bodies and went and buried his wife Lisa under a tree was pretty gut-wrenching.

My other fave tv show episodes:

Gilmore Girls. I am a late fan of the show. Initially, when I tried to watch it, I was turned off by the mother, and still to this day, sometimes she annoys me, often trying to be more her daughter's friend than her mom. But, she's getting better (save this past episode!) And I love Rory. But I love the episode when Rory graduates from Yale. Everytime I watch Rory give her valedictorian speech, I choke up with Lorelai, Sookie and Luke, who is definitely one of the sexiest male characters on television. I also love his paternal way with Rory. He is so proud of her. Roe, check it out sometime! Give it a chance, I think you might like it! Mind you, sometimes when someone speaks, it's more like a rapid-fire five minute monologue.

"Little House on the Prairie"-I think Rose and I are pretty much in accord on this one. It's the first season, where Laura runs away because she feels responsible for her brother's death. When she goes to see Rev. Alden, he tells her, "The closer you are to God, the more likely he is to listen," she runs away into the mountains and meets Ernest Borgnine. Waterworks! My other Little House fave is "Sweet Sixteen," when Almanzo realizes he is in love with Laura.

About Battlestar Galactica-When they first did the new miniseries, I wasn't all that impressed. But then watching the regular episodes, I really came to like the show. And I love Starbuck! It's nice to see a strong, sexy woman on television!

24 I have not seen yet, I guess I should give it a shot.

Linda Sheridan said...

Correction! I mean when Rory graduates from high school, not Yale.

Roe said...

Wow! I forgot Little House - I didn't even remember the Ingalls had a son that died! That was a great show. I'm sure if I thought about it longer I'd have a list longer than my arm, but those are the most recent faves.

The final episode of S&TC was just all around great. Like you, I didn't get it into it for a while - actually, Stacey hooked me on it. But once I was hooked, I watched every episode. Thank goodness for HBO's On Demand. :-)

I will have to check out Gilmore Girls. And yes, Starbuck on the new Battlestar is awesome.

Will you be in attendance at our girls' night on Friday?

Stacey said...

That Gilmore episode was great, I love the one where Luke and Lorelai go on the date and he pulls that slip of paper from the newspaper that he kept in his wallet. So sweet.

Lost has some pretty emotional episodes, especially with Terry O'Quinn's character.

I hated Sex and the City the first couple times I saw it too, but then I got hooked into the characters, big time.

There was a really great episode of Dead Like Me, when they had to reap a child.

I could go on thinking of TV moments all day.

Roe said...

Mike just bought season 1 of Lost on DVD so I have to check it out. Have you guys gotten through any of the Season 1 Galactica DVDs yet?

Linda Sheridan said...

omg Dead Like Me, yes! That's Amanda's other fave show. She watched em all again on Showtime on Demand. She's going to be a reaper/ghoul for halloween. What about the one where Mandy Patinkin had to reap his daughter, and sings to her?

And, yes, Luke on GG-"Lorelai, I want you to know, I' am all in." Love it!

Linda Sheridan said...

BTW, Roe, I don't know if you know it, but Sebastian Bach of Skid Row is a part timer on GG! He plays guitar in Lane's band, and he's really cool.

Roe said...

WHAT?! He's one of my husbands! I MUST make with the DVR button...

Linda Sheridan said...

I knew that would please you! He's very likable on the show.

Stacey said...

He is, he's so oddly out of place.

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