Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ugh... sick again...

So I'm sick again... love the beginning of the school year.

Friday night was a blast, met up with some of the girls for dinner (LOTS of hummus with pita) and a showing of Elizabethtown, which was much better than I thought it would be. I'm not normally one for chick flicks, but the Estrogen Brigade needed an Orlando Bloom viewing (the last E.B. Bloom viewing was while he was elflike), so I went and had a great time. It was very funny, and I expect Stacey, Lauren and I to be muttering "Lovin' 24/7!" for a long time to come.

Of course, no evening out would be complete unless there were issues with the trains. At midnight. When I had to be awake and at Queens College for a conference at 9 the next morning. Nicole, Lauren and I finally got into Queens at almost 2 a.m., and I finally collapsed into bed a little after 2. But it was worth it, it was so much fun to get out.

Made it to the conference, a quick pilgrimage into Jersey to see Mom (which turned into an over night), and by Sunday I was full-blown sick. Sigh. Stayed in bed whiny and cranky yesterday, but I'm back in the land of the almost-living today.

I journaled all day yesterday - used only 7 flexpoints, which is incredible for me, especially when I'm sick and in full entitlement mode. You know - "I'm sick, so I am perfectly justified in eating this entire sleeve of Oreo's." Today, I've been pretty good - even journaled the 1/2 danish I had at my boss' birthday party. Six points - so much to throw away on something finished so quickly... but I journaled it. Blast it all. I am not turning 35 at this weight, and I am not giving away all my cute sundresses that I bought at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet a couple of years ago. I can look good after two pregnancies, dammit!

I ripped out part of the wrap-around sweater I was working on - the directions just freaked me out. So I ripped down to just before the crazy shaping begins, and I think I'm going to enlist my old knitting teacher's help. So I'll post pictures shortly. The back is done, I'm working on the left front. It was going along just fine until the directions call for shaping one side on a slant - no problem - but the other side needed to be shaped according to the back's instructions, and I think things just got way out of hand because it started to resemble a pyramid of sorts. I was proud that I didn't freak out, rip the whole bloody thing out and bury my yarn as I have in times past. I must be maturing.

Still working on Elizabeth's blanket, but I need to get another skein of yarn to finish the last few panels and start stitching together. Maybe I'll run out at lunch and see if that store past Canal has the yarn I need.

I successfully beaded my first project yesterday! I strung faux pearls onto wire, used a ribbon to close the loops. It's simple but hey, it was my first project. I'll post a shot of that, too. Probably going to be part of my mother-in-law's Christmas gift.

So last night, I wanted to knit but something with no pressure, since I was hopped up on cold meds and waiting for the NyQuil to hit. I started yet another of my mini-sweaters. I got halfway through before I felt fuzzy and knew the NyQuil was calling me to my bed.

I've got lots of pictures I need to post before bed tonight...

I need coffee. See ya.


Anonymous said...
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Stacey said...

That knitting complication gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Roe said...

You see? Now you feel my pain. ;-)

I just pulled all the .jpgs from everyone's Snapfish photos from your wedding, I'll start burning disks in the next couple of days.

Lauren said...

first you talk about brownies just after I packe my baking equipment, and now beading, just as I packed my beads. :( phooey!

Roe said...

So the next girls' night will be a girls' night in at my place, and you can use my beads, my blender, and my brownie pan. I'll throw Mike out and send the kiddies off to grandma's!