Thursday, October 20, 2005

The MP3 Player is a truly wondrous invention!

So in a further illustration of how sadly hermit-like I've become, my mom bequeathed to me her 'old' MP3 player - she's upgraded. So I have finally stepped a baby toe into the new milennium and have an MP3 player. No iPod, but still quite adorable and tiny. I proceeded to scour the Internet for free MP3 downloads, since well... I'm cheap, okay? Anyway, I ended up mainly pulling songs off my CDs (okay - so Mike did, but I learned how to do it and can do it all by myself now) but I did get the new Depeche Mode single, 'Precious', and another new song, 'John the Revelator', off one site. Fantastic stuff, I can't wait to get the CD. I think I like 'John the Revelator' better than 'Precious', but they're both good.

Spent a half hour trying to figure out how to get Madonna's new one off her site. I forget, she doesn't give anything away for free anymore. Humbug. But the song is really good. I mortified my 6-year old by dancing in the living room the other night. Love that, especially when his 2-year old brother joined me.

Sticking to Points, burning through my FlexPoints but hey - I'm journaling them. So I'm still cranky. Feh.

Didn't knit last night, but I did finish my reader report reasonably on time.

I hate this blasted cough.


Stacey said...

Hooray for MP3!!!

Roe said...

Hooray for free MP3 sites! ;-)

Lauren said...

I've almost reached the point where I'd rather not even have the cds. Downloads don't get dusty and take up 3 crates in the middle of your living room.

Roe said...

Yeah, but I still love my CDs... I've been finally getting rid of some I haven't listened to in ages, though. I take a while with these things.