Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there!

This weekend was a whirlwind, like they've been for the most part lately. We had Will's delayed birthday party yesterday - same bat-time, same bat-channel (i.e., Nathan's, where he's had the past two or three birthday parties).

Nathan's on Old Country Road, by the Source Mall? WOW. They've done some big-time renovations, including adding a separate party room with two large screen HDTVs for the kids, the Burritoville is finally open, and a Ray's Pizza is coming. Yum.

It was great for Will, because we had 19 kids there; he was surrounded by his friends and family, and I am pretty sure the kid had a blast. And the stash of presents? Don't even get me started.

Will and the guys chowing down

Birthday cake time! It was an Iron Man cake - ROCKIN'.
After the party, I met up with Piera and we went to a book party - GOD, it was so nice to go to one again! I really, REALLY miss book publishing. And the added fun was that it was a friend of mine who wrote the book - no, not another book from Dan just yet - Robb wrote a Q Guide to Sex and the City, and had a book party at Book Court, a fantastic little honest-to-goodness bookstore in Brooklyn, last night. No mega-super-multi-floored stores, no Starbucks counters (full disclosure: there is one down the block, and I did have a tall skim latte), just a space that felt deliciously like my own living room, books, and people that knew not only how to talk books, but how to make a wicked Cosmo. Yay!

Piera, David and me - together again!

Author-Man Robb Pearlman, and David

Like the show? Buy this book!

Another old friend from the ISO days, John Nicholson, came in for the party and ended up giving Piera and I a lift back into Queens, bless him - especially since Mike and Alex braved horrific rain and a BQE shutdown to get us there and apparently only beat us home by 20 minutes.

It was awesome. And as I settled into bed last night, I whipped out the book and read half of it. I finished it this morning. Reading Robb's book is like sitting down to a Sex & The City marathon with some of my best gay husbands (well... it was written by one of them, after all), dish, snark and all. If you like the show, you'll love the book. Not a gay man? Seriously, this is Sex & The City - all the more reason for you to read it, girls.


Stacey said...

looks like a fun weekend!

snowflake said...

Looks like you guys had a great time, and you look absolutely FABULOUS! Hope Will had a wonderful birthday - looks like my kind of party!!! Are the boys out for summer yet?