Friday, June 20, 2008

Plurk Obsession

Okay, so as if Facebook wasn't an obsession enough - or Ravelry, for that matter - I get Plurk. I've never Twittered before, but a bunch of knitters on Ravelry have been talking about Plurk, which is apparently just like Twittering. So I set up an account (full disclosure: I also heard that one of the Plurkers would share a sock pattern with any fellow knitters who are also Plurkers. Hey, you knew it was likely knitting related, didn't you?)

So I sign on, and next thing I know, after some time in the Plurk Ravelry forum, I'm now addicted. I've even added the widget to my blog, so just take a look over there on your right. Hi there. Now you know what I'm doing all day long. Doesn't this give your life new meaning? Thought so. So if you happen to be on Plurk, just look me up.

By the way - met Stacey for lunch at ZenBurger yesterday, and now she's converted me. Vegetarian but tasty? Chipotle sauce on tap? Dancing hamburger video? What could possibly be wrong? I tried to find footage of the dancing hamburger on YouTube, but sadly, there was nothing to be found.

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Chaos Mommy said...

ooh, your little plurk widget looks cool! I twitter, but I like your plurk widget!