Monday, October 15, 2007


Rhode Island has officially knocked Virginia down to the #2 spot on my "Places to Drop NY Like a Hot Potato For" list. We were there for Mike's cousin Jen's wedding last week, and I fell in love shortly after arrival (and congrats, Jen and JP!).
I located a yarn store within 20 minutes of our arrival - baby, I Googled yarn stores weeks before we left - and got some nice, blue yarn that I've started knitting with already (can't divulge more than that for a few months, sorry) and it knits up like a dream.
We went on a Cliff Walk to see all the Old Moneyed mansions - as Mike's uncle puts it, "These people considered you 'new money' if you made your first million after 1908." The Vanderbilt's estate, The Breakers, was just amazing. I took this picture right by the estate. Can you imagine looking at that when you woke up every morning?
We missed the kids unbelievably, but it was nice to play boyfriend and girlfriend again.
We also found the best Thai Restaurant ever, Thai Cuisine, on the main drag, Thames Street. To say we gorged ourselves is probably putting it mildly, but it was all worth it. Any chance they do takeout to New York?


Nancy said...

blue is a good color.

Roe said...

:-) Glad you think so!

Linda said...

Roe, I love the pic of you on the rocks, it's awesome! It's so nice that you guys got to go away for a romantic rendezvous!

Now that other comment didn't go over my head (i don't think), I just don't know who's intended, but I'll be reading! :)