Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Freaking Trains

You guessed it, yet another morning where the trains screwed up my morning commute. I've decided to blog about my commute to see how often the trains are screwed up - because I honestly feel like in the little over a month I've worked here, it's becoming more the norm. And since the MTA wants to raise the price of a Metrocard swipe again, I've got issues - before you spend money on something, isn't it supposed to work?

Anyway. This morning, got the kids off to school with no problems. Got down to the train station by 8:15. First announcement of a problem was after about 10 minutes on the platform, when the empty V train bypassed our station (63rd Drive). Took a crowded R train to Queens Plaza (because 74th/Roosevelt was nightmarish). Wasn't able to take the E train because it was overcrowded. Finally got on a packed V. Arrived at 42nd Street at 9:15.

Overall time delay: Normally, it should take 40 minutes for me to go from school door to my desk. I got to my desk at 9:20, so the commute took me an hour an 5 minutes today - delay time of 20 minutes.


P said...

Isn't it sad that we live relatively close to the city and yet it will take us longer to get in from 6 stops than let's say someone from Westchester or NJ?
And they want to hike up my fare???

Roe said...

Seriously. I want to make some kind of record, because I honestly feel like 8 out of 10 days have been problematic on the trains.