Sunday, October 21, 2007

Closet Monsters Reading

I've blogged about my friend Dan's book, Closet Monsters, before. Last night, I was lucky enough to go to his reading down at the Rapture Cafe on Avenue A and had a blast. The Cafe is a coffee bar and indie bookstore that has to be one of the most relaxed environments I've ever been in. Dan and another author, Tom Cardamone, who read from his book, Werewolves of Central Park.

I haven't been to a good LGBT event since I left ISO, so this was just such a great night out for me. I got to see some old friends, meet some new ones, and support one of my close friends as he embarks on authorhood. Dan's been published before, but Closet Monsters is his first work of fiction that's all his. There are five short stories and a novella that anchors the book. Dan read from the novella, Zombied Out and rocked it; and in true Dan self-deprecating fashion, proceeded to talk about how he looked like the perv since Tom decided to read a less-scintillating entry from Werewolves - no worries Dan, I don't think anyone had a problem with that. ;-)

Dan, giving some background on the story before launching into his reading

It was just a nice, relaxing night out. I was surrounded by books, good coffee, and friends. What more can anyone ask for, especially since my nights out don't come 'round that often? I even got to play photojournalist for the evening, taking pictures along with Danny, Dan's boyfriend (and muse - tongue planted in cheek).

Shot of the Rapture toward the back - I just thought all the black and white ads and art looked so cool, contrasted with the very reading parlor-feel of the front of the cafe.

Counter shot - don't you want to buy a copy?

Of course, the adventure begins when I head home. I was proud of myself for successfully navigating a new train line for me - the L train - and got to Union Square, where I transferred to an N to 34th Street, figuring just in case the R isn't running (you know it happens all the time), I stand a chance of getting home. I walk over to catch the F train when I notice a rat is running up the stairway directly across from me, like a little commuter. Ah, New York. Get down to the F line only to see the Queensbound side is roped off, with no explanation. Even the lights on the Queensbound side are dim. Argh. I run back to the local side, asking some random guy on the way if he knows whether or not the R is running. He answers that it is, so I decide to take his answer on faith rather than go upstairs and hail a cab. Thankfully, an R is pulling in as I run back down the staircase. Whew. At least I don't have to transfer at Roosevelt now. I get some more knitting done, and am back home a little after midnight.

I remember when my evenings began slightly earlier than when I arrived home last night. All I could do was murmur to Mike about what a great time I had, thank him for being cool about letting the kids terrorize him all night, and pass out.

Okay, Dan - when's the next reading?

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