Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday, Friday

So happy it's Friday. I can't shake the sleepies this week! I think there's something about the onset of Fall that's so comforting to me that I just want to curl up in bed with some yarn and the DVR remote.

And speaking of Fall, when will the weather actually accompany the season? I'm sitting here in capris and a short-sleeved shirt. Someone get Al Gore on the phone so we can strategize this.

Just found out that a Forest Hills pizzeria that I've always meant to go to is either part of the Grimaldi family or reminiscent of Grimaldi's, depending on whose website one reads. Anyway, Nick's Pizza may have to be on my places to visit list this weekend, especially since Stacey and Claire managed to undertake the amazing feat of getting me to wait on a line to get into Grimaldi's last week. And it was all worth it (and I knitted the entire time, to offset line rage).

Weekend - tomorrow we've got a birthday party for Will's buddy Randy, and hopefully some living room gutting and cleaning. Sunday, we're hoping to get to either Queens Farm for pumpkin picking and animal feeding or the Bronx Zoo for Halloween tomfoolery and animal feeding. Either way, there will be pictures. And lots of handi-wipes.

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