Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One From Lauren

*Please feel free to just insert your own questions wherever you feel like it. Or new categories too.

1. Favorite Colors: Blues, pink, deep reds.

2. Favorite Shapes: Circles

3. Cutest Shapes: Stripes

4. Favorite Symbols: { }

1. Favorite Animals: Puppies, polar bears, cats of all sorts.

2. Cutest Animals: Puppies.

3. Favorite Accessories: I'm with Lauren, shoes do it for me!

4. Favorite Plant: Spider plants.

1. Favorite Foods: Steak with egg noodles & brown gravy. Mac & Cheese.

2. Cutest Foods: Mini shell pasta, mini bowties.

3. Favorite Fruit: Strawberries and Macintosh apples.

4. Cutest Fruit: Blueberries.

5. Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli.

6. Cutest Vegetable: Corn.

7. Favorite Sweets: Almond croissant.

8. Favorite Drink: Coffee!!!!

1 comment:

Chaos Mommy said...

You like pink? I so cannot picture you a pink kinda lady! :) I like pink, too, but sometimes I lie about it! hehe!