Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pod Junkie

Vickie Howell started it all - now I'm officially a podcasting junkie. I'm in the midst of downloading roughly 40 hours' worth of podcasts - who knew so many people were podcasting about knitting? Hell, I even found a podcast about Sweden that I'm checking out, just because I miss it so blasted much and so I can give Helene a giggle when I write about stuff in the news over there. I even got Will into the act and searched out some kid-friendly podcasts, which I've downloaded to his MP3 player.

I'll blather on incessantly about this new toy I've discovered for myself as soon as I've listened to enough episodes of each show (1 or 2 of each) to have formed enough of an opinion to comment on.

So here's my quandary, which I'm putting out there for you. Should I comment on the crafting podcasts here, or should I talk about them on Domestic Goddesses, where I'm trying to get some traffic moving again? Should Domestic Goddesses be just for recipes and commenting on recipes and cooking, or should I move some of the crafty content over there? I don't want to make this blog schizophrenic, so let me know what you think.

EDIT: I've just downloaded an unholy amount of additional '80s and Sci-Fi podcasts. How am I going to listen to all of this stuff? Damn my obsessive personality.


Amber said...

Enjoy the podcasts! Hubby tried to get into down loading those and listening (not the same ones of course!), but just ran out of time... so many so little time!

Stacey said...

My Tivo has a ton, but I never watch them. But I just found a series about metal jewelry making... looks like it's up my alley...