Monday, November 05, 2007

TV Catch-Up

I spent a good part of the weekend catching up on lots of TV viewing - what did I do before the advent of DVR? So I'm almost fully caught up to Reaper, which is shaping up to be quite possibly my favorite of the new shows this season. If you haven't checked it out yet, please tune in tomorrow night. Sock, played by Tyler Labine, is one of the funniest slacker sidekicks in sitcom history (I'll get to Joshua Gomez - Morgan from Chuck - in a sec). The first episode was directed by Kevin Smith - what are you waiting for? Will gives Reaper two thumbs up - and yes, I do let my 8-year old watch a show about a slacker whose parents sold his soul to the Devil. So there.

I also caught up with Supernatural, which Will got me hooked on, actually. He stumbled across it somehow last season and demanded that every episode be recorded. I ended up curled up on the couch one night and watched last season's finale with him - and proceeded to kick myself for taking the better part of two entire seasons to check this show out. Brothers who hunt demons? Where have I been? Even my mom was into this show before me. Jeez. Just finally sat and watched the season opener - and man, this is going to be a good season. Fortunately for me, the first two seasons are out on DVD. Santa Claus, are you listening?

Ah, Chuck. I know a lot of people have been turning Chuck off after the first brilliant episode, but I still love my Nerd Herders. And, seeing as how I love a good sidekick (honestly, they make the show - the star is the star, but the sidekick gets all the really good jokes. See Reaper above.), I have to send some love out to Joshua Gomez, who plays Morgan. Morgan could possibly be Sock (Reaper) from a parallel universe. I'm telling you, watch the sidekicks. They get the best lines.

I think Chuck is going to make it. And I think it's going to stay well-written. Let it work out its growing pains.

Do I have to even mention my chick-crush on Katee Sackhoff as an explanation as to why I'm loving Bionic Woman? With the threat of BSG's final season looming in front of me, where else am I going to get my Starbuck fix in? Please, PLEASE NBC - don't kill off the 'original' Bionic Woman.

Other new show I'm still on the fence about: Moonlight
Fave returning show: Dexter (sorry, Heroes)
Show I desperately want to get better because I love it so: Heroes
Shows whose return I'm waiting for: The Tudors, Lost


P said...

ok...So I caught Reaper last week and I think it's now one of my new favs.
I don't have time for all my shows. lol.

Roe said...

It's so funny and the writing is good. CW has a winner!

P said...

I caught Chuck last night and now I need to catch up and continue watching that show!
Who knew that there are promising shows again on network TV??

Linda said...

Amanda LOVES Supernatural, and I like it too, it's just like something out of a roleplaying module! And the guys are quite cute!