Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trains Suck

Yup, you guessed it - the sky lets loose with a little water, and the New York subway system cripples. Took me just about an hour to get in today - 20 minutes longer than it should. Got down to the 67th Avenue train station, waited at least 10 minutes for a local train, and it crawled to 74th Street. The locals were few and far between, so every train was packed to the point of being ridiculous. I opted to take the E train to Lex and transfer to the 6 so I stood a snowball's chance in Hell of getting to work near 9 a.m.

Upon reaching Lex, and waiting for another 5 minutes to actually reach the escalators to the 6 platform, I heard an announcement about the 4 and 5 running with delays because of the almighty "earlier incident", this time at 14th Street. At least the green lines actually make announcements, because my lines (E, F, V, R) didn't say a blessed thing about the delays this morning. Maybe they realize no one believes them anymore?


P said...

and they want to hike up the fairs???? Ridiculous

Roe said...

That's my big complaint - the TA keeps raising the fare because they claim to have so many improvements that need to be made - but it's never enough. When will service improve enough to warrant the last fare raise? As a commuter that is inconvenienced on a nearly daily basis, I need some motivation here.